Our Services
    Exhibition Services: We provide quick and convenient services for our exhibitors. Moreover, we provide full consultation and support services from booth booking and exhibition preparation to marketing planning according to the requirements of our exhibitors so as to maximize the exhibit results.

    Conference Services: We provide an exchange platform for exhibitors from the industries of Metallurgy, Plastic Industry, Broadcasting &TV, Communication, Molding, Die Casting, Heat Treating, Industrial Furnace, Petrochemical Industry, Automobile and Motorcycle Industry, Transport Equipment and Scientific Instrument. We plan and organize summits to promote close association between exhibitors and relevant industries, to help exhibitors to have a quick grasp of advanced technologies, the trends and to discern opportunities in relevant industries.

Visitor Services:

    We set up a quick and convenient online pre-registration system for visitors to apply for admission to the exhibition, and we transmit important exhibition information to visitors timely by WeChat, mobile phones and emails to receive their feedback.

    Conference Services: We hold summits, forums and activities during the exhibition, familiarizing visitors with important information and industry trends, creating a good opportunity for visitors to communicate with exhibitors and authorities in relevant industries.

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