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Leading the Intelligent Manufacturing of Automobiles, the 3rd Automotive Intelligent Plant and Indust

At present, under the guidance of big data and intelligence strategy, Chongqing is promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and accelerating the intelligence transformation. As the leading industry in Ch...More>>

Helping the interaction between steel and automobiles, the Sixth China Automotive Steel Forum was suc

Material is the basis for automotive manufacturing. Promoting the progress of material technology is also the main way for the development of automotive lightweight. Since the birth of automobiles more than 100 years ago, steel has...More>>

China Auto Networking and Auto Driving Technology Summit Forum was successfully held on March 27

Under the impact of the changes of intelligence, networking, electrification and sharing, the industry ecology for global automotive has been accelerating remodeling, and technological innovation has become the key path for the tra...More>>

Focusing on the development of automobile body technology, the 2nd China Auto BIW Conference was succ

BIW is a very important part of automobile design, development and manufacture. In recent years, a new round of change is taking place in the automotive industry, and the "four modernizations" of automobiles also promote the innova...More>>

Automotive Innovation, Measurement and Control Forum landed in Chongqing again

The Highly Concerned 2nd Forum on Automotive Innovation, Measurementand Control Technology was reopened at Chongqing International Expo Center on March 28. Compared with the previous forum, there has been a qualitative leap in the ...More>>
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